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M. Yasin & Co offers clients a wide variety of audit and accounting services, ranging from financial statement audits, agreed-upon procedures to internal control reviews to compliance audits, and other services.


Audit and accounting services for a range of industries

We provide audit and accounting services for a range of industries including architecture, engineering, construction, family businesses, small and mid-size companies, corporations, law firms, non-profit/tax-exempt organizations, physicians and medical groups and real estate developers.

Our services can help businesses and organizations streamline financial processes, excel in transparency, and improve the reliability of their financial reporting. Our team of qualified professionals has extensive experience, and is committed to providing quality and effective services while maintaining efficiencies. We promote excellence and maintain consistency by having the same team serve your engagement from year to year. Our low employee turnover enables us to maintain this consistency, which we believe reduces cost to our clients and allows us to thoroughly understand your business.


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Our audit and accounting personnel can help with the following:

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